Protect your heritage this winter

1st October 2020

Costly repairs and long-term damage to sculptures and decorative stonework can be avoided if they are protected by a winter cover.

With the UK experiencing record-breaking rainfalls last winter and another wet winter on the way, Cliveden Conservation is urging owners and managers of gardens, parks, historic properties and estates to get their winter covers in place before the cold and rainy weather arrives.

Winter Covers are a cost-effective and sustainable solution developed by Cliveden Conservation with involvement from the National Trust, as a way of protecting precious sculptures and stonework from fluctuations in temperature and moisture. The covers, which have been designed for standing statues, urns, well heads and benches, are made in a cylinder or box shape but can be made more complex as required.

“Saturated stone and marble objects are at a real risk of damage, especially if the temperature drops to freezing. Repair work to weather-damaged statues and decorative stonework is undoubtedly going to fall down the priority list as the financial pressures increase because of the pandemic. What we are saying is ‘act now’ by getting a winter cover to avoid this damage and help protect our heritage,” emphasizes Lewis Proudfoot, Managing Director of Cliveden Conservation.

Cliveden Conservation Winter Covers consist of a three-layered system; a waterproof and windproof outer layer, an inner layer made from a high-density weave fabric to prevent moisture absorption yet still allowing the object to ‘breathe’, and an internal insulating fibre to reduce temperature differentials. The shape of the cover also allows for air circulation to prevent the object from ‘sweating’.

Drawstring fastenings and the lightness of the material make the cover easy and quick to position and remove. Winter Covers are durable and can be cleaned in a commercial washing machine before being stored away in their bag ready for the next winter season.

Manufacture and delivery will take a minimum of 2 weeks from order. Cliveden Conservation offers an additional service for site visits to assess and measure sculptures and decorative stonework.