We cover every aspect of stone conservation

Cliveden Conservation was originally founded with a focus on stone, and we are rightly proud of our pedigree. We repair, clean and aim to protect buildings from the ravages of age, using our specialist knowledge to establish best practice in repair techniques. Our stone masons and carvers can make and install monuments, sculpture, lettering and architectural masonry.

We have extensive experience of in-situ protection of historic objects, along with moving, storing and reinstating historic collections and artifacts, from Egyptian Stelae to modern sculpture.


Our highly skilled carvers create fine detailing such as foliate mouldings, chimneypieces and fingers to damaged sculpture. We also welcome bespoke commissions for architectural stonework and statuary. Drawings and small-scale maquettes are presented to the client prior to finalising the project.


The ability to carve fine lettering into stone is a rare skill, and we have a team of letter cutters able to carve inscriptions into gravestones, monuments, and war memorials. We refine weathered or damaged lettering and create new to match an existing style and font.


Where masonry elements have been damaged, such as balustrades or cornices, our team can measure and template, carrying out precision carving to insert new elements to existing structures.  We aim to retain as much of the historic material as possible, trimming our new work to fit, and using suitable fixing methods.


We maintain the principle of ‘like-for-like’ while taking into consideration the decay mechanisms and environmental changes affecting stone and brickwork in buildings.

Delicate mortar repairs, and fine indents are stone-matched where possible to the original or substituted with suitable alternatives. Mortar mixes are matched and trialled using both visual and laboratory analysis. We advise on the most appropriate repair methods.


We repair and reinstate stonework as well as manage the complex logistics of moving, storing and relocating statuary collections, tombs and monuments of all shapes and sizes. Our team work closely with landscapers and engineers to address complex problems when moving and installing objects into and out of historic buildings and gardens.

We can also install security fixings to prevent theft and have a range of portable lifting equipment to enable precise movement of objects without damage.

Winter Covers

We have developed a winter cover system which protects sculptures and decorative stonework from damage caused by freezing and wet conditions.

Our bespoke winter covers consist of a three layered moisture impermeable system which is windproof, waterproof, insulating and provides UV protection.

Protect sculpture and decorative stonework with winter covers

Case Studies

Recreating the Gothic Cross National Trust, Stowe

Recreating the Gothic Cross National Trust, Stowe

The Roman Baths, at the heart of the City of Bath World Heritage Site, consists of the well preserved remains of one of the greatest sacred spas of the ancient world.

Temple of Bacchus

Temple of Bacchus

Painshill Park Trust is committed to researching and restoring Painshill 18th Century landscape garden as near as possible to the concept of its creator, the Hon. Charles Hamilton.

Reading Abbey Ruins

Reading Abbey Ruins

Reading Borough Council launched its ‘Reading Abbey Revealed’ project with the aim of conserving the scheduled and listed remains and re-opening them to the public by spring 2018.

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