Decorative Arts

Our Decorative Arts team is led by ICON accredited conservators

Our highly skilled team carry out the repair and conservation of stone, terracotta, church monuments, mosaics, statues, gilding and decorative surfaces and polychrome.

We provide ongoing conservation and care of house collections and garden sculpture such as the National Trust Country House collection of antique and 18th century garden sculpture, including major collections at Petworth House, Waddesdon Manor, Cliveden, Anglesey Abbey and Powis Castle.


We clean, stabilise and repair small and large-scale mosaics from wall panels, pavements, floors and fountains to extensive museum displays. Our Decorative Arts team can also remove, transport and reinstall floor mosaics in a vertical position with a bespoke structural fixing frame system.

Painted Decorative Schemes and Polychromy

Cleaning, consolidation, conservation and restoration of polychrome and painted surfaces is undertaken with extreme care and involves research, analysis and trials. Our conservators consider all factors that could affect the deterioration of the painted surface and substrate.

Gilding and Specialist Decoration

We restore missing elements of gilding and decoration and reinstate decorative schemes with the application of new gilding and traditional paint.


We undertake the cleaning and conservation of metalwork including statuary, railings and decorative pieces. Bespoke security fixing can be provided to safeguard collections.


We sympathetically clean, consolidate and repair statues and where necessary replace missing structural or decorative elements using appropriate materials. Condition analysis and trials are carried as part of a project.

Our practical and advisory services provide for the transport, display and ongoing care of statuary collections.


Our consultancy services extend to some of the most important sites around the world including Aphrodisias, one of the oldest and most treasured sites in Turkey.

Aphrodisias is a special project for us. Our founder Trevor Proudfoot began the work there as a personal project in 1990, and regularly invited workshop members to accompany him.


Case Studies

The Church of St Peter and St Paul

The Church of St Peter and St Paul

Cliveden Conservation was honoured to be commissioned to conserve four of its medieval tombs, two effigies of knights, a wall monument and a white marble seventeenth-century urn.

Church of St John, Hackney, London

Church of St John, Hackney, London

Cliveden Conservation was commissioned by Hackney Church to undertake the remedial treatment and reinstallation of memorials and brass plaques.

Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Cliveden Conservation has continued its involvement with Willesden Jewish Cemetery.

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Dorset Museum Mosaic reinstallation is shortlisted for Museums + Heritage Awards 2021

Dorset Museum Mosaic reinstallation is shortlisted for Museums + Heritage Awards 2021

The Fordington mosaic, which we lifted, conserved, re-backed for wall mounting at Dorset Museum has been shortlisted for an prestigious award.

Latest news from Lewis Proudfoot

Latest news from Lewis Proudfoot

‘Chester Cathedral’s Erasmus Chapel Wall Mosaic’, a Regional Finalist in the 2021 Civic Trust AABC Conservation Awards.

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