Church of St John, Hackney, London

Cliveden Conservation was commissioned by Hackney Church to undertake the remedial treatment and reinstallation of memorials and brass plaques.

Project overview

Project Overview
Cliveden Conservation was commissioned by Hackney Church to undertake the remedial treatment and reinstallation of memorials and brass plaques in accordance with the recommendations set out in the condition assessment produced by Cliveden Conservation in June 2018.

Summary of the conservation work carried out
Cleaning trials were undertaken for each of the memorials and plaques which differed in material (alabaster, limestone, marble, brass and bronze) to determine the appropriate level of cleaning and conservation treatment.

Various cleaning methods were used for each of the objects without causing damage to sensitive materials such as the alabaster and to minimise contact with inscriptions.

Open joints between the stone elements of the David Doulben Memorial were repointed using gypsum plaster, and the loose fragment of alabaster from below the dexter angel was re-adhered. The clasped hands of Lady Latimer were stabilised to prevent any further movement, and small areas of the tomb were consolidated.

Other remedial treatment of the memorials involved reinforcing the lettering on the Huguenot Memorial using pigments and a reversible adhesive to improve the legibility of the inscription, and removing the modern emulsion paint from the edges of the Lord Mercy Memorial plaque.

Treatment trials were undertaken on each of the brass and bronze memorial plaques to examine whether surface cleaning was adequate to improve the appearance of the plaques. In most cases, it was decided that the degradation of the protective layers had altered the appearance of the plaque which would continue to deteriorate if not removed. The conservation team applied a synthetic lacquer to these plaques to prevent corrosion of the metal.

Using as many of the original fixings as possible, the conservation team reinstalled the memorials and brass plaques.

Cliveden Conservation has greatly improved the appearance and helped safeguard the future of these precious memorials and brass plaques which have now been successfully reinstated.

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Church of St John, Hackney, London

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Cliveden Conservation


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“It was an absolute privilege to work with Cliveden Conservation on the restoration of our precious memorials. We acknowledge and appreciate the team of conservators for their specialist skills which showed in their amazing work.”

Zac Lloyd, Community Engagement Officer, Hackney Church

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